How to clean blackout curtains

Because of the functional benefits they provide, blackout curtains in Dubai are a popular choice among homeowners. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for these great investments, which not only cover windows but also offer health benefits. Washing your blackout drapes on a regular basis is necessary to keep them functioning properly.

Cleaning your draperies on a regular basis will not only extend their life but also give them a fresh and appealing appearance. If you’re seeking ways to clean your draperies, we’ve put up a guide with a variety of strategies to help.

Different Techniques for Cleaning Blackout Drapes at Home

Before you begin, read the manufacturer’s instructions and inspect the label on your curtains. Washing non-machine washable curtains can cause the cloth to fade, shrink, or lose its ability to block light.

Required Tools and Supplies

Clean a microfiber cloth.

Warm water.

Tools for cleaning include a sponge, vacuum, upholstery/brush attachment, and detergent.

The room features a huge tub and a washing machine.

A Steamer

A stool or step ladder

1. Using a vacuum to dust

Regular dusting of blackout curtains is the most effective technique to keep them clean. To remove filth, the simplest method is to use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. When dusting the curtains, use a stool to reach the top surface.

A vacuum cleaner is simple to use and handle because you only need to move the brush attachment across the curtain surface from top to bottom. Vacuum your curtains at least twice a week to keep them looking fresh.

2. Hand wash the blackout curtain

To hand wash your blackout curtains, prepare the cleaning solution. Take a large bathtub and fill it with cold water. Pour in a mild detergent and whisk thoroughly until the water suds. Immerse your drapes in water for a while.

Avoid using stiff brushes to protect the curtain fabric. Gently rub and thoroughly wash them. Rinse the curtains thoroughly to remove all soapy water.

3. Spot cleaning

When spot-cleaning curtains, always use mild cleaning solutions. Make sure to test the cleaner first to ensure it does not stain the cloth.

Pour a few drops of solution onto the stain and rub it in with a microfiber cloth or damp sponge. Continue gently rubbing until the discoloration disappears.

4. Washing Machine: Wash Blackout Curtain

Blackout curtains typically consist of two types of materials: foam-coated fabrics or woven triple-weave fabrics, each of which requires a different cleaning procedure.

Foam-coated fabrics

These textiles have a gray and white finish on the back. The best approach to care for them is to spot clean them and then dry clean them.

Triple-Weave Fabrics

High-density yarn, tightly woven, constructs these fabrics. To launder these draperies, use a front-loading washer with no rotator to avoid twisting the fabric. Remove the curtains, rinse them, and hang them to air dry. Make sure to put one panel at a time into the machine.

5. Steam cleaning

Steam washing is effective for cleaning and repairing blackout curtains. Steam washing eliminates the need to remove curtains from rods, saving you time and energy. Use a handheld steamer and keep it at a distance to avoid damaging the fabric.

Wrap up!

Cleaning blackout curtains is essential for a clean and fresh appearance. Depending on the fabric weave, you can either hand or machine wash these curtains. Aside from that, there are several practical ways to clean your blackout drapes, including spot cleaning, deep cleaning, and steam cleaning.

How to clean blackout curtains