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new idol of ram temple named balak ram lord looks like a child

Introducing the new idol of the Ram Temple, a divine masterpiece named Balak Ram, portraying Lord Ram in the enchanting form of a child. This sacred representation captivates hearts with its innocent charm, symbolizing purity and divinity. The Balak Ram idol at the Ram Temple mirrors the tender essence of Lord Ram’s childhood, radiating warmth…

ind vs afg 2nd t20 highlights

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as the cricketing titans India and Afghanistan lock horns in the exhilarating 2nd T20 match! The battle on the pitch is nothing short of a spectacle, and the highlights showcase the best moments that kept fans on the edge of their seats. ind vs afg 2nd t20 highlights

kriti sanons top fitness workouts

Even while traveling, Kriti adheres to a structured exercise regimen that incorporates a variety of activities such as stretching, strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and her preferred workout, dancing. kriti sanons top fitness workouts

salman khan farm house 2 suspect trying to enter police loged fir against them

In a concerning incident, two suspects attempted to trespass into Salman Khan’s Farm House. Swiftly responding to the breach, the police have lodged an FIR against the intruders. The incident raises questions about the security and privacy challenges faced by high-profile personalities like Salman Khan. The investigation is underway to determine the motives behind the…

salmans special preparation for dharma productions the bull will change his look

In a dazzling display of cinematic metamorphosis, Salman Khan is set to embark on a transformative journey for his much-anticipated collaboration with Dharma Productions, aptly titled “The Bull.” Paving the way for an extraordinary on-screen spectacle, Salman’s special preparation is shrouded in mystery, promising a radical departure from his iconic looks. As the actor delves…

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